Adventure Guide to the Gold Coast

I am 2 years into my Bachelor of Business in Marketing and sustainable tourism. In November 2012 I was selected by Gold Coast Tourism to design a campaign for Gold Coast Adventure Travel Group. (Best internship ever). I called the campaign Adventure Guide to the Gold Coast.

In a quest to discover the Gold Coast’s most popular attractions, Gold Coast Adventure Travel Group took 10 international students on 10 adventures. From the golden sand beaches to the luscious rainforests and even through the sky, the adventure guide explored all of Gold Coast attractions. We were blessed with perfect weather on all 10 days as students from Norway, Canada, Poland, Sweden, China, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Holland, Russia and Malaysia joined us on an adventure of a lifetime.

Kate- ThunderbirdTo kick off the adventures, Kate, a Polish girl and I embarked on a journey to THUNDERBIRD PARK MOUNT TAMBORINE. The drive to Mount Tamborine is enjoyable in itself with stunning views of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the luscious hinterland. Upon arrival at Thunderbird Park located in Mount Tamborine, we were greeted and given a tour of the facilities. Thunderbird Park offers a diversity of activites from the Adventure Parc ropes coarse to the Horseback trail rides, Laser skirmish in an outdoors setting, Thunder egg fossicking and sooooo much more. The options at Thunderbird Park are endless with activates suitable for everyone. Thunderbird Park Mount Tamborine truly is “where adventure joins nature”.

The next adventure was CURRUMBIN WILDLIFE SANCTUARY with Tharshika, a girl from Sri Lanka. We had perfect weather, the sun was shining, birds chirping and we were ready to board the train that takes us around the Wildlife Sanctuary. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has a range of native Australian wildlife. Tharshika and I got to feed the Kangaroos, cuddle the Koalas, hold snakes, pat a possum and admire the dingoes, crocodiles, echidnas and birds. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the city however when you enter you feel like you are in the wilderness. It was great to experience these iconic native animals up close and personal. Other than wildlife, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary offers a number of shows including the new Australiana show, Aboriginal dance show, Magic show, Lorikeet feeding and so much more. We also had the opportunity to tackle the high ropes coarse.




Tristan Skydive- Adventure Guide to the Gold CoastNext up was GOLD COAST SKYDIVE! the activity that I had been looking forward to the most, although I was only an observer on this day. I have had the opportunity to skydive before and words can’t describe the amazing experience. Tristan, a Canadian boy was the lucky candidate who got to jump. He was up for the challenge and you could tell from his face when he landed that it was a life changing experience. Tristan had the perfect weather for his jump with blue skies and turquoise waters. Gold Coast Skydive have a unique landing area located on Kirra Beach. Jumping out of a plane over paradise and landing on the beach, a must do experience!





The adrenaline packed adventure continues! PARADISE JET BOATS was my next stop, accompanied with Christie, a Russian girl, Luke our skipper and our life jackets, we werChristie- Paradise Jet Boats- Adventure Guide to the Gold Coaste ready to hit the Gold Coast Broadwater, and at speeds I never imagined. This Jet boating tour left me in a euphoric mood after the full 360° spins, high speed drifting, incredible beach buzzing and other exciting manoeuvres that we were lucky enough to experience, but lets not forget to view! The houses along the Gold Coast Broadwater are incredible, Christie and I were admiring them saying one day we will live in one. Paradise Jet Boating tours will give you heart thumping adrenaline kicks, picturesque views and you even get a tan! The adventure didn’t stop there.





Adventure Guide Gold Coast- Austrlian Kayaking advenutresI made my way straight to Budds Beach in Surfers Paradise where Yi Shin, a Chinese girl and I took the AUSTRALIAN KAYAKING ADVENTURE twilight tour. This was Yi Shins first kayaking experience and I could tell from her reaction that it was an unforgettable experience that she was so happy to have tried. When jumping into the kayak for the first time we had a slight accident with Yi Shin slipping out of the kayak and into the water. Never to worry, she jumped straight up, saturated but with a huge smile. As our tour started the sun began to set.  We paddled around the canals watching the sunset over the horizon and had a moment to appreciate how lucky we are to live in such an amazing city that offers these incredible experiences. The Surfers Paradise skyline is amazing every night, but to watch it while kayaking at sunset, what an experience.

Next up…. Stand Up Paddle Boarding with BRAD HOLMES SURF COACHING! Jan, a Swedish boy and I met at Budds Beach at 10AM. The weather could not have been any better for us… All I can say is absolute perfection. This was Jan’s first SUP experience, but it didn’t look that way, he was a natural. After some instructions and a warm up Tai Chi, Jan was ready to go. We spent a good couple of hours paddling around the Surfers Paradise canals, getting a tan and embracing the beautiful city that we are so fortunate to live in. With the Surfers Paradise skyline to one side, the beach to the other and million dollar homes opposite the river, we had amazing scenery in every direction. Budds Beach is the perfect location to enjoy Stand Up Paddle Boarding.


So that brings us to our next activity, surfing! Gold Coast is re-nound for its incredible golden sand beaches, tropicalAmber- Adventure Guide to the Gold Coast- Get wet surf school water temperatures and great surf. Amber, a girl from the Netherlands joined us on our surfing adventure that took place at the famous Gold Coast spit thanks to GET WET SURF SCHOOL. Again, perfect conditions to enjoy a day of surfing. Amber was a first time surfer but after some instructions had no issue standing on the board. Amber had the biggest smile on her face the entire time, it was contagious.


Back to the hinterland… Libertad, a Columbian girl and I ventured out to OZBALL ZORBING in the GoldCoast hinterland.  I lliterally did not stop smiling, laughing and screaming the entire day. For those seeking an adrenaline packed day, or looking for something extreme to do, Ozball will satisfy. Gold Coast is home to the only Ozball zorbing in Australia so it goes without saying, when on the Gold Coast, you must get out to Ozball Zorbing located in Pimpama. You can’t miss this incredible experience that will leave you in tears of laughter. We had the opportunity to experience the hydro ball and the harness ball. I could not choose my favorite as both were so much fun.  Ozball zorbing also offers Segway hire, an experience that everyone must try.


And back through the sky….. to TIGERMOTH JOY RIDES. Aro, a Chinese girl joined me for the Tigermoth Joy RideTigermoth- Adventure Guide to the Gold Coast  Adventure. It was only once we arrived at the air field that she informed me of her fear of heights, but lets not let that get in the way of a heart stopping aerobatic joy flight. To be honest I was a bit worried when Aro went up but seeing her face as she landed, I knew she loved the experience. Aro got to experience unique views of the Gold Coast and hinterland, 360-degree acrobatic spins over Surfers Paradise and Aro also got to tackle her fear of heights. This adventure is still on my to do list! It looks like so much fun.


Our last Adventure was the famous DREAMWORLD and WHITEWATER WORLD, a place I have visited many times, but never get sick of. Robin, a boy from Norway joined me on this adventure. Dreamworld offers a range of activities from the hair-raising roller coasters and thrill rides to the range of Australian wildlife and shows. Our favorite show was the tiger show. Watching the tigers obey their trainers and jump three-meter gaps and climb trees was an amazing experience, one of the highlights of my day.  Our next stop was Whitewater world where we enjoyed the water slides and flow rider. Robin and I loved the water park as it was a hot and sunny day but I must add in that I enjoyed watching Robin tackle his fear of heights. And what better way to overcome a fear of heights than the giant drop! An experience that Robin won’t be forgetting I can guarantee that. Robin and I arrived at 10am and didn’t leave till close. In this time we managed to do everything we wanted to do, but we could have stayed and enjoyed the park for longer.
After completing all adventures, we put together blogs, photos and videos and published these in a Facebook voting competition. The public was left to vote on their favourite adventures.Paradise Jet Boats was the winner followed by Get Wet Surf School, Gold Coast skydive, Ozball zorbing, Currumbin Wildlife, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Tigermoth Joy Rides, Australian Kayaking Adventures Thunderbird Park and Dreamworld.

If you are ever on the Gold Coast, you must try these adventures.


I had to share my internship with you as it was such an incredible opportunity that I was given, and possibly the best internship ever undertaken. Thanks Gold Coast Adventure Travel Group, Rippals Media and Streaka 🙂