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One thing I learnt from travelling to such diverse places last year was what I really love and enjoy about destinations.

The verdict?

Long open roads, private beaches, breathtaking landscapes, raw nature, wildlife, good food and friendly people.

What I also discovered is just how much I LOVE AUSTRALIA. I really am blessed to call this country home, and in 2019 I will be giving it all the love it deserves as I road trip, camp and explore my own backyard.

WAIT!!!! Can I claim all of Australia as my backyard? Just did 🙂

Something I have learnt is how important it is to do research before a road trip. If you don’t, you risk driving past beautiful destinations. So to make sure I don’t miss anything on my Western Australian Road Trip, I have done the research and compiled my bucket list into the map below.

And yes, you can expect destination guides from each of these destinations, road trip routes and budgets.

Now this bucket list isn’t set in stone. One of my favourite things about road tripping is seeing a sign and being able to pull in where ever you like, which I will be sure to do along the way.

On the map I have highlighted destinations and specific spots within each. In summary, I will be visiting:

  1. WA’s South West – Margaret River, Albany, Pemberton and everything in between.
  2. The Pinnacles.
  3. Kalbarri National Park.
  4. The Coral Coast.
  5. Exmouth and the surrounding beaches and national parks.
  6. Karijini National Park.
  7. Broome and the surrounding national parks.
  8. Lake Argyle.
  9. Kimberly National Park.
  10. Darwin – Kakadu National Park and Litchfield National Park.

I plan to tackle this road trip in three sections.

  1. Everything South of Perth. As I am currently living in Margaret River, I will explore the South West in one road trip.
  2. Perth to Exmouth. I will spend a month or two on the road as I drive north to Exmouth. I will then stop in for a couple of months and work in Exmouth the refresh the road trip budget.
  3. Exmouth all the way home to the Gold Coast. This will be the longest section of the road trip. I plan to spend most of my time in WA, then stop in at the Northern Territory for a few weeks before making my way back to the Gold Coast.

The reasons I have decided to do it like this is because I don’t want to spend too much time on the road at any given time. While living out of a tent and spending 24 a day outside is my version of living, you can get sick of it. And that is why I will separate the road trip into three sections.

Another reason why is because I don’t have never ending funds. Being able to stop in Exmouth for a couple of months will allow my to break up the road trip and save some more money. It also means that I can leave for the adventure sooner. If I was saving to do the road trip at once, I would have to work harder for longer before leaving. I would rather get on the road sooner, and stop elsewhere to break it up.

At this stage, no international destinations are on the 2019 bucket list. But like I said, this bucket list isn’t set in stone and I may just end up anywhere!

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