10 Benefits of Airbnb for travellers – Plus a $50 discount on your first stay

10 Benefits of Airbnb, plus a $50 discount on your first stay

AirBnb is an online marketplace that enables people to rent their home, or part of it to travellers. Hosts can list anything from a single room, apartment or entire house through the AirBnb website. It’s free to create a listing, and hosts decide how much to charge. Travellers then go onto the Airbnb website and search for properties that suit their needs.

I have used Airbnb a few times now and have had a very positive experience, so I thought I would share the benefits of Airbnb with you, and a $50 Airbnb coupon for your first stay. If you sign up for Airbnb using this link a $50 discount will be applied to your first stay.

These are the reasons why I love using Airbnb.

10 Benefits of Airbnb for travellers

You can refine the search to suit your specific needs

Travellers can search the Airbnb website by entering details such as where and when they would like to stay, and also have the ability to refine the search by:

  • Room type – entire place, private room or shared room
  • Price – $-$$$$$
  • Size – number of beds/bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Amenities – wifi, TV, kitchen, pool etc.
  • Property type – apartments, houses, bed & breakfasts, castle
  • Host language – English, Italian, Portuguese etc.
  • Keywords – if the traveller is looking for something specific, such as “oceanfront” or “pet friendly”

If you are looking for a two bedroom unit with an ocean view and washing machine, all you have to do is enter that in and your options will pop up. This means you can save time searching for accommodation and spend more time researching the fun things.

Airbnb Rentals are often cheaper than hotel rooms

Your money will get you much further with Airbnb rental in comparison to a hotel room. You are sure to have either more space, a kitchen or better amenities for a much cheaper price.

Plus, my $50 Airbnb discount makes it even more affordable.

Airbnb rentals almost always have more space

Rather than renting a single room in a hotel, you can rent an entire apartment, townhouse or house for the same price. This will make you feel more at home with your own bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom.

Most Airbnb rentals have a kitchen

Giving you the option to prepare meals and snacks, saving you $$. To me, having a kitchen is the biggest benefit, I love preparing my own meals when I’m travelling. I find I eat a lot healthier when I have access to a kitchen.

Airbnbs can have better amenities than hotels or hostels

How does a private pool and spa sound? This can be a reality with Airbnb rentals.

Many travellers enjoy the different experience from standard hotels

Many hosts personalise the service by leaving notes, champagne and chocolates, making you feel comfortable and at home. In addition, Airbnb hosts provide guests with honest and local advice on things to do, places to eat etc rather than the touristy things to do. On occasions you may make friends with the host, leading to a local experience like no other.

More locations

Airbnbs are everywhere and anywhere – literally. Get away from the centre of town and stay in a neighbourhood or the countryside for an authentic experience.

Groups can stay together

If you are travelling with a group, don’t get separate hotel rooms, rent a massive house so you can stay together. This can also be a cheaper option.

Check out the Airbnb me and my friends stayed at in Binna Burra in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Benefits of Airbnb Benefits of Airbnb Benefits of Airbnb Benefits of Airbnb

Free Wifi

Every Airbnb I have stayed in has had free wifi, certainly not the case with hotels. In saying this I am sure some Airbnb’s don’t so read the property description thoroughly when booking.

Airbnb rentals often have laundry facilities

A major bonus for long term travellers and families.

Not only is Airbnb great for travellers, if you decide to become a host you can make extra cash to help you save for your next journey. I will share a post on the benefits of Airbnb for hosts shortly.

Use this link to sign up to Airbnb to receive a $50 discount on your first stay. The discount doesn’t expire so sign up today and even if you don’t go away for a year, you will still get the discount.

** This post contains affiliate links.

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One thought on “10 Benefits of Airbnb for travellers – Plus a $50 discount on your first stay

  • Akvile Stan

    Love AirBnB when you can get a good and traditional flat rental! We stayed in one in Verona and it was the best place and best location of the city you could imagine! I’m a great believer in good balance of hotels and airbnbs.