Killen Falls (Near Byron Bay) – Australia

Killen Falls

Killen Falls is a gushing 10 meter waterfall found along Emigrant Creek in NSW. Killen falls makes for a great place to cool down on a hot summers day with a large swimming hole below the waterfall and plenty of space to sit back and relax.

The Trail

The trail is a short, 20 minute walk from the car park to the base of the falls. Along the way you will come across a viewing point at the top of the falls, which is a great place to stop for a few photos. From here the trail gets steep and slippery for the final 5 minutes before you reach the base of the falls where you can swim. Killen falls is one of the waterfalls that you can walk behind, and there is plenty of room to sit behind the waterfall in the shade without getting wet.

The trail is unpaved and uneven in spots but I would still consider it suitable for all ages and fitness types.

Hiking Killen Falls

Killen Falls


Killen Falls is at the end of Killen Falls Drive, just outside of Newrybar (north from Ballina, south from Byron Bay).  I suggest using Google Maps to find Killen Falls (map embedded for you).  Parking is limited. Worst case scenario is you would have to park along the side of the road and walk an extra 50m.

What to Pack

Water, snacks, swimmers, towel, phone and camera.


There are no facilities at Killen Waterfalls, but you will be able to find cafes and restrooms in Newrybar which is on the way to Killen Falls.

I suggest stopping in at Newrybar on your way back from the falls and trying Food Story or Harvest Newrybar, both serving amazing organic food.


Keep an eye out for snakes, the area has a lot of them!

Have lunch at Food Story after visiting Killen Falls. Food Story is food truck (across from Harvest) with a small but amazing menu, made with alot of love.  I promise it will not disappoint.

Killen Falls

Killen Falls

Killen Falls

Killen Falls

Killen Falls

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