My Hiking Essentials

My hiking essentials

I found my love for hiking when I moved to Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. Since discovering my passion for hiking in Lake Louise, I have made it my mission to hike to some of the most remote places and highest mountains and volcanos in the world. On my hiking adventures, there are a few items that I always carry with me.

My Hiking Essentials


Hiking Shoes

The most essential hiking item is a good pair of hiking shoes. When I am heading out on the longer hikes (2 or 3 days) I prefer to use hiking boots, like the Merrell Boots (photo 1) below. These hiking shoes offer more support.

At the moment I am only getting out on shorter hikes so I have a pair of Nike shoes, which are more versatile than the first hiking boots and get the job done.

To shop for shoes, click on any of the shoes below.

A backpack – 15-20 L

I like to keep it simple when I hike so I generally only carry a 15 – 20L backpack with me.


I have a Canon DSLR, a Canon Powershot and a Go Pro. I usually hike with my Canon Powershot (middle photo).

Portable Charger

Make sure you keep powered up on your hikes with a portable charger.

Water Bottle

There is nothing worse than running out of water on a long hike.


I always pack myself a few well earnt snacks. Fruit, sandwiches, granola bars, nuts.

I like to keep it as simple as possible so this is all I usually take hiking with me.  What are your hiking essentials?

Hiking in Australia 

Hiking essentials

Hiking in Peru

Hiking essentials

Hiking in Hawaii

Hiking essentials

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