The Best of Nicaragua – Central America

Barrels in Playa Maderas

Nicaragua, set between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, is a Central American nation known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and beaches. Nicaragua was my favourite place in Central America, so far. This post shares the highlight of my trip.

San Juan Del Sur 

San Juan Del Sur is a small coastal town on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. San Juan Del Sur is the hub for exploration of Nicaragua’s toned and tanned southern beaches. While San Juan itself doesn’t have an amazing beach or great surf, you can easily get shuttles either 30 minutes North or South to find waves. San Juan Del Sur is the best location for restauraunts and nightlife, and is home to Central America’s biggest party, Sunday funday, that attracts hundreds of foreign travellers each week. See my San Juan Del Sur Destination Guide here

Sunset in San Juan Del Sur       Barrels in Playa Maderas     Monkey Island

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Isla De Ometepe

Isla De Ometepe is an island on Lake Nicaragua. The Island of Ometepe is made up  two volcanoes, Concepción and Maderas, which are joined by a low isthmus to form one island in the shape of an hourglass. The volcanos are popular for hiking and bird watching. Isla De Ometepe is still reasonably undeveloped so don’t expect to many luxuries, instead prepare for a true Nicaraguan experience. Check out my Isla De Ometepe Destination Guide here

Concepcion Volcano at sunset Isla de ometepe

Standing under the San Ramon waterfall isla de ometepeOjo De agua isla de ometepe

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Granada is a colonial city in western Nicaragua. The streets are filled with history, churches, cathedrals, museums, colours, markets and a vibrant atmosphere. Granada is historically one of Nicaragua’s most important cities. It has a rich colonial heritage, seen in its architecture and structure. Check out my Granada Destination Guide here


Granada Nicaragua

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Lake Apoyo

Apoyo Lagoon was one of my favourite destinations in Nicaragua. Although there isnt a great lot to do, it is the perfect location to spend a few days relaxing. Apoyo Lagoon is a nature reserve located between Granada and Masaya. The lake is in a crater formed from a volcano eruption more than 20,000 years ago. Apoyo lagoon is the clearest lake in the region, as well as the deepest geological point in Central America. The glistening deep blue Crater Lake is the perfect location to swim, dive, sail, paddle or relax. See my Lake Apoyo Destination Guide here 

Lake Apoyo Nicaragua

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Masaya Volcano

Masaya Volcano

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