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Aston Hotel Canguu

Canguu has to be one of my favourite destinations in Bali. I arrived in Bali just a few days ago and made my way straight here. Canggu Beach is a coastal village and an up-and-coming resort area that is located between Seminyak and Tanah Lot. The coastline of Canggu comprises different black-sand beaches, almost all with surf breaks. Canguu is my preferred place to surf as the breaks are more mellow that those around Uluwatu (where I nearly died surfing last time).  The beaches surrounding Canguu include Berawa that borders just north of Seminyak’s Batubelig beach, Batu Bolong, Batu Mejan aka ‘Echo Beach’, Pererenan, Seseh and Mengening just south of Tanah Lot.

The countryside of Canggu Beach is full of verdant rice fields, which I absolutely love cruising around. This time in Bali was the first that I have had my own bike, which has been so much fun for me.

Canguu has no shortage of surf camps, bars and restaurants and shops. I LOVE the cafes surrounding Canguu, I will highlight my favourites below.

Things to do 

Beach and Surf – I’m sure a beach day is already on the cards. Being from Australia’s Gold Coast, I definitely wouldn’t class the beaches as amazing, but it’s hot and who doesn’t love laying in the sun and swimming in the ocean. For all the surfers out there, especially those of the beginner/ intermediate level, Canguu is a great place to catch a couple of waves.

Spa Days – Right on Echo Beach is a spa called Therapy, the fanciest spa in Canguu (that I found anyway). Enjoy a massage, body scrub, facial, mani and pedi. Prices at this spa are expensive for Bali, but cheap for Australia. There are endless other spas to choose from that are more basic. I do both, some fancy spa days and some simple spa days. In the more simple spas you can get a massage for 80-100rph ($8-10), reflexology for 100 ($10) and so on. AMAZING compared to the cost in Australia. I am over indulging this trip and loving it.

Yoga and Pilates – Take some time to zen. Many studios to choose from. My hotel (Sedasa) offers yoga on the roof top each morning, perfect way to start the day.

Rice Fields – Cruise out of town to the rice fields, take in the views and get some pics.

Things to do in Bali

Shopping – Lots of markets and upper class shops to look at.  I absolutely love the Canguu Leather store for shoes and bags, other than that I shopped at markets and local stores as the international shops are in Australian prices anyway.

Tanah Lot – Not exactly in Canguu, but Canguu is a great base to get to Tanah Lot, which is one of the most pictured temples in Bali. It is amazing to see at sunset, but soooo busy!

Things to do in Bali

I’m sure there is more to do here but this is basically what I fill my days with.


I haven’t tried all the cafes as there are soooo many to choose from, but here are some of my favs.

Crate Cafe – Fresh, healthy amazing breakfast and lunch food. One of my favs.

Betelnut Cafe – I love the cheesecake from here.

Echo Beach BBQ – LOVE LOVE LOVE! ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE! Down at Echo beach, at the furthest restaurant, there is a BBQ where you can choose your meet then help you self to an all you can eat salad bar. Happy hour is from 4-6.  I love eating here as the food is healthy and you are sitting right on the beach front watching the waves break, perfection! Echo beach is usually much quieter than the places below which we love.

Old Mans- I have never eaten here, but love the party vibes, great place to go and watch the sunset while you enjoy a couple of cold ones.

The Lawn – Likewise to Old Mans.

Finns Beach Club – Super cool place to party with a pool bar, DJ’s and the latest musics. Prices are Australian and the menu is totally western.

Deus – Party vibes, great place to have some drinks and meet some cool people, I also haven’t eaten here.


Bali has a tropical climate year round. This time of year (June – September) is dry season so would be the better time to travel.

Getting to Canguu

From the airport, it will take 1-2 hours to get to Canguu. From the airport you can get a taxi or scooter. Getting around Bali in a car takes SOOOO much longer than on a scooter, so I recommend getting a bike but can totally understand that this is out of some peoples comfort zone. You could always get a taxi to Canguu then get a bike to cruise around as the traffic isn’t nearly as bad as in Kuta, Seminyak and along Sunshine Road.

Where to stay 

There are endless options of resorts, hotels and villas to choose, from budget to luxury. My partner and I don’t actually book when we come to Bali, instead we cruise around and check out rooms. As my partner speaks Indonesian we can always negotiate great rates. In general, I recommend staying at Batu Bolong beach or Batu Mejan (Echo Beach).

At current we are staying at Sedasa Lodge, which is a Unique hotel with just 10 rooms. The staff are lovely, rooms are nice and clean with air conditioning and hot water, we have a pool and breakfast is included. I wouldn’t call it luxury, but it is for me. We are paying $55 per night and are super close to Berawa Beach and Finns Night Club.

Sedasa Lodge Canguu

Sedasa Lodge

We also spent one night in Aston hotel which is located right on Batu Bolong beach near Old Manns and The Lawn Canguu. Aston has a rooftop pool bar which I absolutely LOVE!  Could spend all day here. Can definitely recommend the hotel has pool, bar, gym. restaurant, wifi and free buffet breakfast, amazing.

Aston Hotel CanguuLove Canguu

Canguu Sunsets

Search for accommodation options here.


I’m off to Ubud to explore rice fields and monkey forests, stay tuned for more!

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