Guide to Tipping in the US

A Guide to tipping in the US

Being Australian, tipping is not a customary part of my culture. I often found myself confused, either over tipping, or not tipping at all. I put this guide to tipping in the US together to help you understand when tipping is required and how much you should tip.

The amount you tip will depend on the level of service. Those you provide exceptional customer service will be tipped more than those who don’t. In saying that, a minimum tip is always expected. Service employees in the US are paid a low minimum wage and 80% of the time are offered no benefits so a tip can go a long way.

So when do we tip in the US, and how much?

  • At a restaurant: 15% of the bill is expected as a tip. A 20% tip or more is given for exceptional service.
  • Coffee shops, ice cream shops, cafeterias etc. Tip for good service/ your change.
  • Bartender: $1 per drink or slightly more for a cocktail.
  • Food delivery: 10% of the bill
  • In hotels: Tip housekeepers $2-$5 per night, that your room is cleaned. Tip Porters $1-$3 per bag carried to the room.
  • Parking valet: $2 to bring your car to you.
  • The taxi driver, hairdressers and tour guides: Tip a minimum 10%. These are the people I most commonly forgot to tip when I arrived in the US.

Even if tipping isn’t part of your culture, it is essential that you tip when you are in the US.

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A Guide to Tipping in the US, when to tip and how much

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2 thoughts on “Guide to Tipping in the US

  • Rachel

    Thank you for the awesome article. I’m a server in the US and tipping is extremely important to my income. However, the regular minimum wage is 7.25 but it is 2.10 for servers or waitstaff. Which is the reason a lot of servers will be extremely upset if their customers don’t tip accordingly.

    • atravellersfootsteps Post author

      Wow Rachel I didn’t realise it was sooo low. You would live off your tips then! I always make sure to tip 🙂