How to Beat Post Travel Blues

Post Travel Blues

Experiencing feelings of sadness, nostalgia and discontent is common after returning home from a vacation or trip around the world. Even after two-week vacations people experience the post travel blues and are unhappy returning to their monotonous routines.  Now if you have only ever taken a short holiday, you wouldn’t have experienced the same level of post travel blues as me, but to anyone who has sold all their belonging, packed their lives into a bag and lived overseas, HOLA! I know you feel me.

I returned to Australia a year of backpacking and spent weeks struggling to settle into reality. Looking back I have put together a list of things I should have done to reduce my post travel blues. I recommend you take my advice and…


Don’t convince yourself you wont get it

You probably will! Sure you will get home, it will be exciting to see your family and friends, visit your favorite café and head to your favorite local spot, but once the “honey moon” phase ends, you will want to be on the next plane out.

When we travel, we learn so much, and change so much, but don’t often realize this until we are back at home, where nothing else has changed. Your friends and family will be working full-time, settled into their routines and living their lives. Expect to feel lost and displaced on return, but don’t let it stop you.


Get into a healthy routine

Exercise, eat healthy and get into a healthy sleeping pattern. This will allow you to bounce back faster.


Get back into work

You wont want to go back to work, but waiting will only prolongs the post-travel blues.

Get a job as soon as possible, find a house and buy a car. If you do these things sooner rather than later, you can start enjoying your life at home faster, and start saving for your next adventure.


Pre-plan financially

I have taken 2-year trips around the world and on both occasions, I came home with $0. It goes without saying that having money on your return certainly relieves the feeling of distress.

As they say, “Do as I say, not as I do”.


Relive your trip

For as long as you can! Look through your pictures, read your diary, reminisce and be thankful for the good times and all the amazing people you met.

Share your experiences with friends, show them photos and share your stories and passion for travel and other cultures.

When I backpacked through South and Central America for three months, I moved every few days, and was exploring every day. I never had time to appreciate what was happening because I was always finishing one adventure and packing for the next.

In a way it is nice to have time to really appreciate and embrace experiences and how they changed you.


Be a tourist at home

Never stop exploring, there is always something around that you haven’t seen, or an activity you haven’t done.

Go to local hostels and meet tourists, stay connected with other cultures, share their journey with them and show them your home like a local. 


AND FINALLY…. Start saving and plan another trip!

The best fix for post travel blues, is planning your next adventure! The sooner you get a job and start saving, the sooner you can get out into the world again.

So get on with it, get into a routine, find work, start saving and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

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