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Nasca or Nazca is a city on the Southern Coast of Peru. Tourists visit Nasca to fly over the famous Nasca Lines, world heritage listed by UNESCO in 1994. I was personally disappointed by my trip to Nasca and the Nasca lines.

Things to do in Nasca

Other than the Nasca lines, there isn’t much to do in Nasca.

Fly over the Nasca lines: The main attraction in Nasca. My friend did this and really enjoyed it. She said the flight was bumpy and quick but she felt safe the whole time and got to see all the famous lines. Her recommendation is ensuring you book through a reputable company. Check out reviews on trip advisor.

See the Nasca lines from the observation tower: This only costs 2 soles instead of $100US, but I wouldn’t recommend going to Nasca just to see the lines from the observation tower.

Local Markets: Nascas local markets don’t have a great range of souvenirs and gifts, but they have a fantastic and extremely cheap range of fresh produce. We stocked up on fruit, veggies and bread rolls for 6 soles (about $2.50 US).

Visit Chauchilla: Check out some mummies. This cemetery holds the remains of members of the Nasca culture dating back to 200BC and 500 AD. If you were really bored you could check this out.

Cantalloc Aqueducts: A site built in the ancient times, based on a system of stone aqueducts, still functioning and used by local farmers for irrigation today. One of the only sites to see if you were spending time in Nasca.

Take a sand buggy/sand boarding tour: This is an extremely fun activity, however if you are heading to Huacachina, I would skip doing this Nasca.

Recommended length of stay

I recommend staying in Nasca for a few hours, long enough to take the flight over the lines, then leave.

If you plan on staying you can search for accommodation here.

Other comments


I was extremely disappointed by Nasca and my trip to the observation tower and personally wouldn’t recommend it, but everyone has different interests. Huacachina on the other hand was very impressive, check out my guide to Huacachina here..

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