Manu National Park – Peru

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Manu Biosphere Reserve is a sprawling national park in southeastern Peru, spanning Andean highlands, cloud forest and lowland jungle. It’s known for its rich biodiversity, notably hundreds of bird species, including macaws, which feed at clay licks at sites such as Blanquillo. Boats run along the Manu River, past dense Amazonian jungle that is home to jaguars, black caimans and spider monkeys.

I visited during my trip to Peru, and what an experience it was, in both good and bad ways. To get into Manu National park, we took a bus for 5 hours along a thin bumpy dirt road along the side of a cliff, followed by a 3 hour boat ride up river. We staying in tree houses and camped on the jungle floor. We spend hours each day bush walking, to see mostly insects and bugs. It was a great experience but I wouldn’t be racing back. Next time I would visit Iquitos.


Mackow bird

Cloud Forest

Another monkey

Amazon cruising


Bird 3



Cock of the Rock

Cute monkey

Rats in the Amazon

Jungle Girl

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