How I lost 2 years of content

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How did I manage to lose 2 years of content? A question I have asked myself repeatedly for the last 3 weeks.

When setting up my blog back in 2014, I was clueless to how blogging software worked. To be honest, I still have a lot to learn.

I created a WordPress account where I set up my domain –

My friend suggested that I host my website, which I did, not realising the difference between a WordPress account and a hosted account.

Last year when my hosting renewal was due, I didn’t pay the fee as I was no longer blogging, not realising that all my content was stored with the host, not WordPress. I let the renewal expire and didn’t look at my website for the next 6 months, with 0 clue that all my blogs had disappeared, back to the state my website was in before I hosted it, which was not long after it was created.

After having a realisation last month that the 9-5 life is not for me and I want to pursue my wanderlust lifestyle, I came back to my blog to the devastating realisation that it basically no longer exists.

I would say there are many lessons to be learnt here

Do your research when you start your blog so you actually understand how it works. Then inform me, cause I am still very much learning as I go.

Plan before you jump right in, I have spent way more time fixing mistakes than I would have if I had done my research and made a plan from the beginning.

Believe in yourself, If I had believed that my blog was something great, I never would have given up on it. I often compared my work to other travel bloggers and gave up believing that I could make blogging work for me. This was the worst mistake I made. My blog and writing style will never be the same as other bloggers and that isn’t a bad thing at all, that is what will make my blog stand out. It is mine, it is unique, and it is me. I share things from my heart, experiences that I love and if I don’t like something, I tell you.

Be positive: Things will go wrong, but you need to focus on what you can change, not what you can’t. I have lost 2 years of work but  am focusing on what I can learn from this experience and how I can use it to improve my blog and social media following. I am also hoping I can teach you a thing or two and what to and what not to do. Tip 1- If you are hosting your site, great! Don’t stop hosting, or if you plan to make sure you back up your data.

I would love to hear from you if you have any advice on web hosting and an explanation on why we do this.

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