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Tips for Backpacking South America

I arrived in Peru with a plan to travel from Cusco to Puno to Arequipa to Nasca to Huacachina and finally to Lima. As a solo traveller, I was concerned about my safety getting around Peru and was unsure of what bus services were safe/unsafe. After some research and first hand experience, I came across Cruz Del Sur.

Cruz Del Sur is an extremely safe and comfortable bus service connecting Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Colombia. Cruz Del Sur checks all passengers’ passports upon boarding, and photographs all people using the bus service. They claim to have 24-hour surveillance and a GPS tracking system that monitors the speed of the bus, and unscheduled stops, ensuring passengers safety.Cruz Del Sur offers Regular and VIP seating. VIP seating provides you with a sofa seat that reclines 160 degree, tea and coffee and a meal. Regular seating still includes a meal, the seats are just less comfortable. I would choose VIP for bus rides longer than 10 hours.

Catching overnight buses was concerning to me at first, however now I highly recommend them as the buses are safe, comfortable and it saves you 1 day on the road, and 1 nights accommodation. There are many other bus services but Cruz Del Sur is the safest. Another popular way to get around Peru is Peru Hop. Peru Hop offers a flexible service allowing you to hop on and hop off at selected locations around Peru. For what you get, the price is worthwhile, but more expensive and more limited than the Cruz Del Sur service.

Machu Picchu Getting Around Peru

I hope this helps you find your way across Peru and South America safely.

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