The transition from travel to work

Mount Royal Montreal

The transition from travel to work is never an enjoyable one, but there are ways to make it easier.

After spending a fun filled week in Vancouver, I jumped on a bus to Lake Louise where I would begin work. I didn’t want to leave Vancouver as the late nights out and long days of exploring were much more appealing than work… ehhh. However I have to fund my travel adventures somehow.

When I arrived in Lake Louise I had no time to rest, I literally started work that night.

No one wants to work on a holiday, but there are so many benefits to it, as I remind myself everyday (that Im at work anyway).

The transition can be much more pleasant by using the power of positive thinking. I always remind myself that working on my holiday will allow me to stay abroad for much longer, and see much more than I would in a 2 week trip.

The way I have always travelled is through working holidays. I generally move overseas, spend a few weeks travelling then start work. Once working there is no need to spend your savings. After 3-4 months of work I go travelling for 1 month. By doing this I can make my travels last for much longer.  My friends always wonder how I can travel to so many places and go for so long. It is because I work during my travels to sustain myself.

You don’t have to be rich to travel, you just have to have enough money to get overseas, then you can work while overseas (which feels so better than working at home because everything is a new and exciting).

I recommend a working holiday to anyone who wants to move to a different country, or to someone who wants to see the world but doesn’t have enough money to continuously travel. (Check out my Working Holiday Checklist to help organise your working holiday).

When you are working in such a beautiful part of the world, with such amazing people, it is hard to complain. I am currently employed as a server and work from 4 in the afternoon. This means I get to snowboard everyday…. Winning.

Snowboarding Lake Lousie best travel blog mountains a travellers footsteps

If you know your hobbies, and try finding a job that allows you to enjoy them as much as possible, working on your holiday wont be an issue.

Another way to make the transition smooth is to have all your documents ready so when your employer requires them you can easily provide them, meaning you will get paid quicker, a huge benefit!

Lake Louise has been great to us so far. We have had some great powder days, spent time snow shoeing through Banff National park and recently, we purchased ourselves a min van… let the road trips begin!

Mini Van Canadian road trips best travel blog travellers footsteps

Here are some more photos from our first few weeks in beautiful Lake Louise..

Mountain life lake lousie best travel blog a travellers footsteps

Red Bull Rail Jam in Banff

Red Bull rail Jam Lake Louise A travellers footsteps banff

Banff avenue

Banff Avenue Lake Louise Canada a travellers footsteps

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