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The Gold Coast is surrounded by beautiful hinterland, rain forests and national parks. Mt Tamborine is one of Queensland’s most treasured tropical rain forests and on Saturday we were lucky enough to experience its beauty.

With perfect spring weather it was a great day to visit Thunderbird Park and complete the Tree Top Challenge.

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My name is Lucy and I love nature and adventure, so Thunderbird Park is my kind of place. I have been out the stunning and fun filed Thunderbird Park twice before and could happily go exploring around Thunderbird Park many more times.

On this day my co-worker, Jackie drove to Thunderbird Park, so for the first time I got to be a passenger and enjoy the beautiful, scenic drive up Mount Tamborine.

As we got up the mountain and started approaching Thunderbird the excitement emerged. As you drive into Thunderbird Park you notice the variety of adventures on offer. From a high ropes course to laser skirmish, horse riding and thunder egg fossicking, the options are, well, hard to choose from as they all look like so much fun.

Today we would be doing the high ropes course. I love high ropes courses so was super excited about the day ahead, Jackie on the other hand was slightly nervous, however I knew she would end up loving it, which she did.

I have done a high rope course a few times before so knew what to expect. I was first on the course, charging my way through the green level. Although I have done the course before there were still stages along the green course that frightened and challenged me, but nothing Jackie and I couldn’t handle.

We finished the green relatively quickly and moved on to the red. Red was definitely more challenging and for me, much more exciting. The obstacles along the red course included flying foxes, a series of wooden pools to jump across, barrels to climb through, wooden unstable bridges to run across and ladders to climb. The ladders are by far the scariest part. Being harnessed in does give you some more reassurance, however my advice is don’t look down.

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If given the opportunity, I would love to go back. Next time I visit Thunderbird Park I would love to go Horse riding. Here is a picture from my last horse riding adventure at Thunderbird Park…. It’s so amazing I had to share it.

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