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Tipping in Canada - Canadian money

Being an Australian, tipping is not a customary part of my culture. When I arrived in Canada I didn’t understand the tipping system and found myself confused! I was over-tipping regularly, and on other occasions forgetting to tip, as I had no idea it was expected. This is why I have put together short guide to tipping in Canada

So when do we tip, and how much?

tipping in Canada

  • At a restaurant: 15% of the bill is expected as a tip. A 20% tip is given for exceptional service.
  • Coffee shops, ice cream shops, cafeterias etc. Tip for good service/ your change.
  • Food deliver: 10% of the bill
  • In hotels: Tip housekeepers $2-$5 a night when you are getting mid stay clean. If staff bring your bags to the room, tip $1 per bag.
  • Taxi driver, hairdressers, tour guides: Tip a minimum 10%.
  • Bartender: $1 a drink.
  • Parking valet: $2 to bring your car to you.

Service employees are paid a low minimum wage and 80% of the time are offered no benefits. A tip can go a long way. Even if tipping isn’t part of your culture, it is essential that you must tip when you are in Canada.

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